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Selecting A Performance Microphone

💗💗💗Selecting the best live vocal microphone can make all the difference at your shows. To get the very best from a singer’s performance, live vocal mics need to fulfil some basic needs.


1- To survive the stage, vocal mics need to be robust and reliable.

2- Mics need to make live vocals sound great for the singer.

3- Choose a mic with a pickup pattern that reject’s off-axis noise. A supercardioid will do a marvellous job of rejecting off-axis noise.


In the last 20 years, Most artists have been singing into a Shure SM58. The SM58 is a legend, an icon of the stage. The secret to the SM58's sound is its critically tuned frequency response, which cuts out low-end rumble and adds a noticeable rise in the upper-mid frequencies. This deliberate presence peak adds warmth and clarity to your vocals, plus the mic is near indestructible.